Traffic backups caused by construction cause concern among drivers along I-490, Exit 26


Traffic backups are a part of life if you commute through the Rochester area, but congestion along I-490 at Exit 26 — the Pittsford/Palmyra exit — is causing concern for drivers across the region.

State Department of Transportation officials said that traffic cones and barrels that drivers encounter exiting off eastbound I-490 onto Route 31 will stay in place while a bridge repair project is completed.

Dash-cam video taken on Friday shows cars coming to a complete stop along I-490 approaching Exit 26 with cars flying by.

Susan Angie from Brighton said she is just glad she was able to take Monroe Avenue to the new Apple Cinemas opening in Pittsford Plaza.

“We came straight down Monroe Avenue off of Elmwood, and it seemed quite busy,” Angie said.

Even then, Angie said that traffic congestion has been getting worse.

“I think with Whole Foods and all the shops that have opened up, and there’s even new shops here in the plaza, so — and it’s Friday,” Angie said.

In a statement, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said that there have been 11 motor vehicle accidents reported in the area around Exit 26 since May 2023. One of those accidents resulted in injuries, with two people hurt in a crash on July 17.

The Sheriff’s Office also noted that since there is no street address in the area, it’s difficult to pinpoint the accidents and they cannot say for sure that the reported accidents are directly related to the traffic back-ups at Exit 26.

When asked whether it’s possible to remove the traffic barrels while workers are not on site, the DOT responded saying that they will remain in place until crews can fully repair the bridge.

The DOT said work on the bridge repairs is anticipated by the end of next week,.

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