The Media Line: Trailblazer for Equality: Israeli Justice Salim Joubran Passes Away at 76


Trailblazer for Equality: Israeli Justice Salim Joubran Passes Away at 76

By The Media Line Staff

Salim Joubran, a trailblazer in Israel’s judiciary as the first Arab Israeli Supreme Court justice, died on Friday at the age of 76 after a fight with cancer. Joubran, remembered for his liberal reforms and advocacy for religious freedom, made significant contributions to Israeli law, including chairing the Central Elections Committee and serving as the court’s deputy president. A staunch defender of equality, Joubran’s rulings often reflected his commitment to justice over convention. Notably, he was part of the panel that rejected former President Moshe Katsav’s appeal, resulting in Katsav’s seven-year prison sentence for rape and sexual abuse. His refusal to sing the national anthem, citing respect but not obligation, underscored the delicate balance he navigated between his Arab heritage and Israeli citizenship. Joubran’s efforts toward integrating Arab judges and promoting equality were lauded by peers and political figures alike, earning him accolades and respect across the spectrum. His commitment to justice was evident in his handling of cases related to surrogacy rights and his calls for greater Arab representation in the judiciary. His legacy, marked by a dedication to peace, equality, and the values of democracy, leaves a lasting impact on Israeli society and its legal system. His contributions to Israeli law and society will be remembered as a testament to his belief in coexistence and justice for all.

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