Parma man gets 10 tickets for speeding in Brooklyn but he’s never been to Brooklyn


PARMA, N.Y — From the backyard of his house in Parma, Jan Stein read off the speeding violations he’s received from New York City.

“This is on May 7 for $50,” Stein said. “May 9 for $50. May 17 for $50. May 19 $50.”

Those are just some of the tickets Stein’s received for speeding in Brooklyn even though he’s never been there. News10NBC is working with the New York City Transportation Department and trying to get these bogus tickets cancelled.

Part of the problem is the person who gets the ticket is considered guilty until they prove themselves innocent.

Berkeley Brean, News10NBC: “How much do you think you’re on the hook for?”
Jan Stein: “I’m thinking probably about $900.”

The New York City tickets accuse him of speeding through school zones in Brooklyn. The city says the white and green Florida license plate on the motorcycle captured on the city’s camera and included on the violations is Stein’s license plate on his motorcycle in Florida.

Brean: “You’ve been to Brooklyn how many times?”
Stein: “Never. Never been to Brooklyn and my motorcycle has never been to Brooklyn. And now I’m getting violations that they’re doubling the fees from $50 to $75 to $150 because I haven’t paid. And they don’t respond to my letters.”
Brean: “And that leaves you where?”
Stein: “Leaves me to give you a call to see if you can help me out.”

This happens several times a year.

Someone in Monroe County and the Finger Lakes region gets New York city tickets even though they’ve never been there and they have to call us to fix it.

The violations are sent by the New York City finance department but it’s the city’s transportation department that charges people. The city DOT told News10NBC they “will review and if this was a forgery or stolen plates we will dismiss the tickets.”

Berkeley Brean sent evidence to the NYCDOT on behalf of Stein, including one violation dated May 17 and Stein’s airline ticket that shows he was flying to Nashville on May 17.

But now, Stein is starting to get default notices.

“That’s my biggest fear,” he said. “That New York can come in and say ‘You owe this much money. We’re not going to do anything for you until you pay these fines.’”

If this happens to you, make sure you file your complaint with the New York City Transportation Department not Finance Department.

News10NBC will update this story if and when they dismiss the tickets.

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