Mercedes sales rise in Q2 on top-end, electric vehicles


BERLIN (Reuters) – Mercedes-Benz Group sales in the second quarter rose 6% year-on-year – a total of 515,700 vehicles – on the back of demand for all-electric and top-end vehicles, the German carmaker said on Tuesday.

Sales grew in all the carmaker’s main regions – Europe, Asia and North America – with deliveries in Germany up 23%, while China was up by 12% and the United States by 6%.

In the rest of the world, second-quarter sales fell 12% to 20,700 vehicles.

Electric vehicles conitnued to be the main growth driver in the quarter, with passenger cars sales growing 123%, to reach 56,300 units.

The top-end segment – which includes models such as AMG, Maybach and G-class – also posted solid growth of 12% for the period.

(Writing by Miranda Murray, Editing by Friederike Heine)

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