‘I never give up’: I-Square developer talks plans for rest of I-Square and pending lawsuit


ROCHESTER, N.Y. – The developers of I-Square in Irondequoit are not going down without a fight they explained.

“I never give up, I ‘m on my sixth town supervisor anyway. What’s the difference at this point. We’ll keep doing what we do,” Mike Nolan, Owner of I-Square said.

With The Market at I-Square sold to new owners, what does it mean for the rest of I-Square? News10NBC spoke to the developers about what their plans are and about the pending lawsuit against them by the Town of Irondequoit.

Mike and Wendy Nolan have owned the I-Square development for over a decade now. It’s comprised of several buildings. The Imaginarium, The Irondequoit Beer Company, Brooks Height Cottages, a maintenance and recycling center, an outdoor amphitheater stage and a number of lots that have not yet been developed.

The Market, which was the first building, was built in 2014. The Nolans’ sold it to Aaron and Kelly Metras, who own Salena’s Mexican Restaurant in Village Gate. It was a building that was tough for them to let go of.

“There are mixed emotions, that was the first building we sold, the Market at I-Square, it was the first building we ever built. It was sort of the cornerstone of I-Square. And in a lot of our patrons’ eyes, that is I-Square. So, it’s a little bit of separation for me,” Mike said.

However, Mike is confident it’s going into good hands with the Metras’ as the new owners. Aaron Metras is ready to hit the ground running.

“We are coming up with some new menu options, some more dietary availability for people that might be gluten free or vegetarian. We are updating The Reserve bar menu, coming up with some new special ideas,” Metras said.

Mike breaks it down and explains plans to sell another building and parts of the I-Square development.

“The Imaginarium building that I am in, and we have a vacant lot that’s in front of this that’s right on the corner of Bakers Park and Titus Avenue. We are selling that lot in hopes that somebody will develop that,” Mike said.

As far as the lawsuit the Town of Irondequoit filed back in November against the Nolans’ claiming the I-Square developer ignored site plans and fire codes for one of the properties on the site, Mike says he still plans to fight that case.

“I would rather it be settled. We made a very concerted effort to work with the town and to have a conversation about it. They’ve been somewhat reluctant on their end. It’s a little bit odd to us. We thought this would be quick and over with cause the case was clearly filed out of vengeance,” Mike said.

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