Genesee County Sheriff’s Office warns of phone scam


GENESEE, N.Y.- The Genesee County Sheriff’s Office is warning county residents of a phone scam. Residents have received phone calls from someone saying that they are a sergeant with the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office. The caller tells them that they have an active warrant out for their arrest, and requests money be sent to resolve the warrant.

GCSO says this is a scam. Although the sheriff’s office may contact people to advise them of a warrant, they will never request money be sent anywhere to resolve the warrant. They advise people to not send money, gift cards, electronic payments, or any type of payment as a result of the phone call described.

If you receive a phone call that you have a warrant, and do not believe a warrant exists, contact the sheriff’s office at 585-343-5000 to verify.

If you have an active warrant, go to the sheriff’s office where they can assist you.

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