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WYSL 30th Anniversary

Meath Family Fund

Kevin MeathWe have set up a GoFundMe campaign for the Meath family.

For two generations the father-son team of Rochester charitable good works, Eddie and Kevin Meath, have benefited our community with a panoply of great causes. Starting in 1963 with the Channel 10 Eddie Meath Christmas Children’s Fund, also known as the Eddie Meath Penny Fund – and followed by the Eddie Meath Section V All-Star Football Game, Challenger Baseball, fundraisers for Holy Childhood, Sisters of St. Joseph and the annual Hot Stove League Luncheon – the name Meath has been associated with help for kids and the disadvantaged for two generations.

Here’s your chance to pay the Meaths back. The family of Kevin Meath, radio icon from WYSL, WVOR AND WHAM, tee announcer at Kevin’s beloved LPGA – needs your help. Ironically this hardship has stricken the Meaths just at the time of year they hastened to help others in need. Please give generously to the Meath Family Fund, and let’s cure the want afflicting this fine and proud Rochester family. And tell your friends and family to spread the love!

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Live Weatherbug

WYSL’s Joanna Palvino featured in 55 Plus magazine

Joanna Palvino
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WYSL’s Satellite Dishes get a facelift from Sign Blazer

Satellite SignBlazer
Click here to see video of the process

Jim Quinn lights up with SAFE-Act approved assault lighter
Jim Quinn lights up with SAFE-Act approved assault lighter

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