United Airlines jet turns back to Connecticut after a piece of engine lining fell off during takeoff


A United Airlines plane turned back to a Connecticut airport Thursday after a piece of lining from an engine cover fell off during takeoff.

A United spokesperson said a portion of the engine’s sound-dampening outer liner was found on the runway at Bradley International Airport near Hartford.

The Federal Aviation Administration said it would investigate the incident. The FAA said crew members on the Airbus A320 jetliner heard an “abnormal noise” shortly after the Denver-bound flight’s takeoff, and pilots flew safely back to Bradley airport.

United said it was arranging other flights for the passengers. There were 124 passengers and five crew members on board.

Earlier this year, United suffered a series of mishaps on flights that led the FAA to tighten its oversight of the airline. An outer piece of fuselage fell off one plane, another lost a wheel during takeoff, and others suffered an engine fire and other problems.

CEO Scott Kirby assured travelers that the incidents were unrelated to each other and that the carrier is safe. He said, however, that United would review its safety training for employees.

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