WYSL's 20,000-watt Nautel AM transmitter

WYSL's 20,000-watt Nautel AM transmitter
On the air serving Rochester, Western New York and the Finger Lakes.

An uncommon sight at most AM stations: a transmitter final output meter indicating 20KW (20,000 watts) being fed to the WYSL directional antenna system, which produces a signal strength northwards towards Rochester which is the equivalent of an omnidirectional station with 53,000 watts. AM stations in Rochester, with the exceptions of WYSL and WHAM, operate with powers from 1000 to 5000 watts.

"Pumpin' more wattage into your cottage...." WYSL's 20,000 watt transmitting plant, the first new high-power AM installation in the region in over 50 years. Shown are WYSL 20kw Nautel transmitter, capable of 30,000 watts output, and custom directional antenna phasing equipment built specially for this plant by Kintronic Labs of Bluff City, Tennessee. Monitoring equipment continually tracks operation of radio plant to ensure loud, clean signal at all times, 24 hours daily.

An audio waveform of the WYSL signal, displayed graphically on a measuring device called an oscilloscope. WYSL offers 60% wider frequency response than do competing stations like 1180, 1280, or 990. While those local stations limit their analog audio quality to 6000 Hz or even less, to accomodate a dubious new digital development called "HD-AM," WYSL prioritizes its existing analog listener base with full-fidelity, 10,000 Hz bandwidth. (The 78 rpm phono records of the 1940s also offered about 6000 Hz frequency response.) The WYSL advantage: audio quality that rivals new "HD" without requiring listeners to buy new radio receivers.

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